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15 Years of PTI: What Pardon The Interruption means to the culture

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Back in 2002, there weren’t many sports television shows on air, besides the standard SportsCenter. Every day coming home, I would yearn for a tv show that embraced debate, but also wasn’t standard boring sports talk. In an instance, during one turn to ESPN I saw a show featuring two journalists from the Washington Post.

One of the biggest surprises to me was that Michael Wilbon was black and Tony Kornheiser was white; but that didn’t matter because the culture sees no color, it just sees what’s cool. Michael and Tony were cool! The debates on the show were nothing that I’ve seen before on television. I remember thinking holy shit this show is best damn thing on tv and I became addicted to the thirty minute sports banter show.

5:30 pm was a special time for me and always will be. Thank you Michael and Tony for your vision and making sports banter on television cool.

Goodnight Canada!

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