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Sneaker Talk With MrUrbanSports and Lastname_Loveless

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The evolution of the sneaker game has expanded to new heights. From Obama to WWE’s Shane McMahon, the industry has become a staple in everyday society. A few days ago I linked up with one of the most versatile sneaker enthusiasts I know to talk about where the industry is heading and how he got his start in the sneaker game.

When you think of the term “Sneaker head” what comes to mind?

LL: A sneaker head is someone who really likes or loves sneakers.

What were the first pair of sneakers you ever purchased?

LL: Nike Delta Force

Biggest advice you can give to any up and coming sneaker head?

LL: Buy and rock what you like .

People getting hurt or even sometimes killed over sneakers is an epidemic. What in your eyes can be done to better police the art?

LL: I think that the raffles and online sales can help reduce some of these issues .

How do you feel about the art of reselling?

LL: I have no negative issues with the art of reselling

Bigger impact to the culture: The Jordan or the Yeezy’s ?

LL: Jordans hands down .

Your favorite sneaker in your collection?

LL: That answer change changes day to day, today it’s my Cemet 4s Nike Air on the back

Has the sneaker industry become oversaturated?

LL: No more sneakers equals more options. If a person doesn’t like a certain sneaker they shouldn’t buy it. There is someone who will like it.

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