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The Dangers of Black Athletes Using The “N” Word

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The term time heal all wounds is flat out stupid. Time can never erase scars or trauma no matter how long time has truly passed. The origin of “N” word is something that the victims or the descendants of slaves can never get over. Time is not a friend of any victims of the deadly and lethal word.

Last week, Warriors Forward Andre Iguodala used the word “Master” and well as The “N” word to express a certain disdain to head coach Steve Kerr’s decision to sit the star players of the Warriors against Western foe San Antonio Spurs. The sentiments behind Iguodala’s words were correct as many black athletes feel as if they are modern day slaves and their superiors are constantly white males.

So many black athletes are quick to play the cultural victim role when they don’t get their way. But, how many black athletes stand up for the lack of diversity in the media, front office or in the coaching seats? They are silent when they see only white males being selected for high roles within organizations. There are hardly any black media members in the locker room; the silence is something that has always made me scratch my head.

But, when athletes feel like they are being suppressed, they are quick to promote some injustice because they are directly affected. When we as a community don’t stand for all issues, we will continuously be picked off by white supremacy. AI is a very smart athlete and will learn from this incident. I just hope more athletes speak up about the lack of diversity in the sports industry on all levels.



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