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The Death of Joe McKnight: Another Blow To Black America

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Waking up on Friday mornings are usually a somewhat exciting day. Fridays represent the near end of the week and the quick excitement of no emails and no need for two espresso shots at your local coffee shop. This past Friday, I woke up to the news of the death of Joe McKnight. McKnight was a standout running back from Louisiana who transferred his skills from the ‘Deep South’ to Southern California, the NFL and the CFL.

Joe McKnight had a great skillset that allowed the running back to achieve his dream of playing in the NFL. Through his tenure at the NFL, McKnight flashed signs of brilliance, but never could find his footing on a team. McKnight played for the CFL (Canadian Football League) where in one game McKnight ran for 150 yards on just 17 carries. McKnight thought the CFL was going to be his new home.

On December 1st, McKnight dreams were thrown into darkness by a bullet and a gun. McKnight was found dead after an road rage encounter with fellow driver Ronald Gasser. Gasser was allowed to head home, while McKnight is dead and his family as well as so many other minority families from past shootings left to wonder why? Why are minorites left to die like animals without any form of justice for our lives.

No matter what the cause was, McKnight was murdered in cold blood and that is wrong. McKnight was a football player and a human being. When will the countless murders of minorities stop? What’s the count? I think we all lost count and a little bit of hope that justice will truly ever be color blind in America.



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