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Why 33 could have been just as good as 23

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Today marks the great Grant Hill’s 44th bday. Hill has remained a staple in the basketball community for decades. Hill obtain national attention back at Duke University, where he led the Dukies to National Championships over the iconic Fab 5 from Michigan and the Running Rebels from UNLV.

When Grant Hill entered the NBA, he has hit with injury after injury after injury. Hill’s game was compared to that of the GOAT Michael Jordan, but injuries deprived us of viewing one of the great talents in their prime. Hill attempted to come back to the game he loved so much on several occasions, yet injuries kept creeping up like that guy that always takes pictures with celebrities and promises a collaboration with them.

Through it all, Hill has remained cemented in the game of basketball. His stellar work at TNT has made him one of the best personalities in the game. Hill brings a sophistication to the game that sometimes goes overlooked. Today, we thank Hill on his bday for forcing us basketball junkies to compare someone to the GOAT Michael Jordan.


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