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Why This HOF Class Is A Joke Without TO

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Last night, the newest inductees to the NFL Hall of Fame were announced. Deserving names such as Kurt Warner, Jerry Jones and Jason Taylor were given their rightly due in Canton; but one name was left out. I was for sure going to believe that I would see Terrell Owens name come across my screen, but it never did.

Owens is fifth in the history of the games with 156 touchdowns; 10 seasons in the top 10 in receptions; and six pro bowls. Yet, Owens still didn’t make the list for the ride to Canton. What am I missing? How does someone with these credentials not make the Canton list? How does attitude determine whether or not someone makes the Hall of Fame.

According to Jason Whitlock, TO is not deserving of being a HOF.

Whitlock’s criteria for who should be in the HOF is funny because Brett Favre was the biggest attention whore many of us have ever seen and yet he got a first class ride to Canton. TO is a HOF! Period!

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